Neurobehavioral Health Associates, PLLC       
sychological and Neuropsychological Evaluation and Treatment              


Clinical Fee Schedule

               Fee Per Hour

     One hour of therapy (50 minutes)                                                    $150.00


     No Show Fee : Therapy and Special Consult requires                  $   100.00

cancellation within 2 working days (not covered by most

insurance companies)


     Interest on Unpaid Balance over 60 days:  12 % per annum


     Co-Pay for Therapy Visits:  Due at the time of appointment


     Insurance Billing:  Insurance billed bi-monthly for patient charges


     Charges not Covered by Insurance:  Are the responsibility of the

patient, unless other arrangements are made




                             Fee Per Hour


     Full Evaluation:  Includes: testing, scoring, interpretation,

writing report and review. 10 - 14 hours ($2000-2800)                   $200.00


     Brief Evaluation:  5-8 hours ($1000-1600)                                        $200.00


     Neuro-Educational: Includes testing, scoring, interpretation

written report, feedback, and consultation                                   $200.00


     Psychological Evaluation:  3 - 5 hours ($600-1000.00)                     $200.00


     No Show for Evaluations:                                              $300.00 to $500.00

2 working day notice of cancellation required due to length of time

scheduled for appointments.


     Co-Pay for Evaluation:  Full co-pay for estimated procedure

or $250.00 due at time of appointment.


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